23-24 ICMS Administration
The faculty and staff at Indian Creek Middle School dedicates itself to the success of all students. As we bridge the gap between elementary and high school, we have the important task of keeping each student academically successful. We will not forget that the school belongs to our community and its citizens. Therefore, we want all our parents and students to feel ownership. It is our pledge to you that we will emphasize academics, safety, and moral character. We need every home in the community to join with us in this endeavor!

2023-2024 Administration Team

2023 Mr. Chapple, Principal

Mr. Michael Chapple - Principal

[email protected]

Assistant Principals

2023 Ms. Jones, Assistant Principal

Ms. Gina Jones

[email protected]

2023 Ms. Trotter, Assistant Principal

Ms. Jacquelyn Trotter

[email protected]